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MBA Business Practice Week

Each year Nottingham MBA students take a week off-curriculum to get a first-hand taste of different types of organisation, examining their business model and approach to problems and business functions. This year students were treated to talks by  inspirational record breaking polar explorer (and fellow Nottingham MBA alumnus) Adrian Hayes, and renowned business leader and CEO of International Airlines Group, Willie Walsh. They also visited workplaces as diverse as global aerospace company Rolls Royce, a contemporary art gallery, financial services giant Bloomberg, easyJet, and Bletchley Park. Business Practice Week is part of a wider programme of opportunities for Nottingham MBA students to engage directly with a variety of organisations and understand how key business concepts are most effectively applied.

In a series of special blogs we hear individual perspectives from current MBA students who recently took part in Business Practice Week.

Jeti-Oluwai Olafimihan

Jeti OlafFour days of early mornings, late nights, lots of walking, listening, writing and selfies. Business Practice Week, or what is fondly known as “BPW” was quite the insightful experience for a budding MBA like myself.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you read you begin with A-B-C
(The Sound of Music, 1965)

……and when you do an MBA, you begin with BPW

Day 1 – Adrian Hayes, The NAE, Just the Tonic, Experian & Willie Walsh

We started off BPW with the most motivating and inspiring speaker, Adrian Hayes, an adventurer, speaker and business coach who really set the tone for our week. He spoke about his inspiring journey and how he had managed to find the holy grail of balancing passion and business.

We spent the rest of the day visiting businesses that opened our minds to the intricacies, struggles and tricks of growing, building and managing large corporations. At the end of the day, as I walked back with my 5-inch heels dangling in my hands and the cold gravel massaging my sore feet, I felt fatigued but inspired!

Day 2 – Co-operative Distribution Center, Rolls Royce & Boots

Day two was all about Operations Management, Business Economics, Strategy, and Finance. Of course, we have to always talk about money! Day two’s take-away’s focused on business models, strategic moves made to gain competitive advantage, key operational issues and their solutions!

I also remembered to wear flat, warm shoes! No bare feet walking for me again!

When we got back to Nottingham at around 8:30pm, it wasn’t a surprise to see people walking off the bus like zombies! All the travel and walking could take a quick toll!

Day 3 – Tarmac & easyJet

We’re off to Birmingham, Luton and London! I think I could speak for most students in our class when I say this was a nice break from our linear lifestyles. Hello, world! Tarmac was a great example of how a constantly changing company could be managed effectively and easyJet was an excellent example of diversity, company culture and strategy! At an early 6:30pm, with a short walk to the IBIS hotel in Luton, we all ended our day with some dinner & a relaxing drink!

Day 4 – The Trampery & Bloomberg

Already the last day of our packed week and we were off to London! After a hearty breakfast at around 6am, we loaded up the coach and headed to the tube station to catch our train to London.

Our first stop, The Trampery was an amazing visit for MBA Entrepreneurs like myself. We were fortunate to listen to three amazing entrepreneurs speak about their experiences with start-ups. Shortly after lunch, we made our way to our final visit for the week, Bloomberg. Being such a high profile business, no pictures were allowed. Sadly, all I have are my memories of their stellar interior design and heavenly pantry!

Overall, BPW was inspiring and a great break from studying and lectures. To the next cohort, I say, make a video collage! I sure wish we did!

Jeti-Oluwai Olafimihan is currently completing a full-time MBA Entrepreneurship

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