July 16, 2018, by Bethan Chandler

Welcome to our Math Bio-Log

Hello and welcome to our shiny new blog! My name is Bethan and I’m a first year PhD student here at the Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology (CMMB). I’ve helped to set up this blog on behalf of the CMMB so that we can share some of the things we get up to as mathematical biologists and all the fantastic work we have going on here in Nottingham. Blog posts will cover everything from our research interests to travel opportunities, general tips about life in the academic world and much more. But let me first introduce the CMMB…

About the CMMB

The CMMB (Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology) is based in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Nottingham and is made up of a group of mathematicians who all share an interest in biology. The work we do basically involves using mathematical methods to try and gain more understanding of various problems in biology and medicine. Some of the methods we use are differential equation modelling, statistics and statistical modelling and some examples of topics that members are focussing their research on are plant root growth patterns (see picture to the right), calcium signalling in cells and the airways of asthma sufferers, to name just a few. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the work we do, we are lucky enough to be able to collaborate with other researchers across the globe from institutions close to home such as the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham and from those a little further afield such as Penn State University. The CMMB also regularly plays host to conferences and workshops; the most recent of these was the UK Conference on Multiscale Biology in April of this year (see photo), which focussed on various phenomena in biology that cross a range of size scales from molecules to populations of living things. All of these things combine to make the CMMB an exciting and dynamic place to work and carry out research, which we hope to show during our future blog posts!   

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