August 14, 2013, by David Greenaway

Life Cycle 3

During a visit to our School of Economics, I was asked ‘does this get easier each year?’

Psychologically it does help to have cycled over 1,000 miles, in that you have some sense of what is coming. But physically it most certainly does not get any easier: partly because 14 consecutive days in the saddle (with most days being 80-90 miles) takes its toll; and partly because I am not getting any younger!Paul and Steve_new rider initiation

Life Cycle 3 will take in the five capitals of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland: Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, Cardiff and London, in that order. The challenge will start at Jubilee Campus on August 19th and finish on University Park on September 1st. Total distance will be a bit over 1,100 miles.

I am not doing this alone. There will be 10 other riders: Karen Cox (Deputy Vice-Chancellor); Penelope Griffin (Head of Widening Participation); Nick Miles (Provost, University of Nottingham Ningbo China); Andy Noyes (School of Education); Kate Robertson (Director, Campaign and Alumni Relations Office); Chris Rudd (Pro-Vice Chancellor); Marion Walker (Stroke Rehabilitation); Steve Walton (University Council Member); Steve Wright (University Chauffer); and Neville Wylie (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus). Marion Walker and Steve Walton are first timers, everyone else has completed at least one Life Cycle.

This year we are raising funds to support stroke rehabilitation research.

David, Chris and Nick in MorecambeStroke mortality rates are high, it is still the third biggest cause of death in the UK. That said, earlier intervention means more people are surviving a stroke, which is obviously a good thing. But it brings a challenge, more demand for rehabilitation to deal with deficits and disabilities. So we need more research to help improve the quality of life of stroke survivors and their carers.

I have set a target of £300,000. That will be challenging, though we have made a great start with more than £150,000 raised so far.

Fitting in training has not been easy. I rely on Sunday mornings (when I am not travelling on University business). However, most of us did manage to clear a weekend to cycle from Bridlington to Morecambe, the popular ‘Way of the Roses’. At 170 miles this is a good stretch, with some pretty demanding terrain.

Nevill HoltTogether with Karen, Marion and Steve Wright, I have also tried out the final leg of Life Cycle 3, from Nevill Holt to Nottingham. For those leg riders who will join us on that day, it will be a good challenge, but on a very scenic route.

Setting off from the University will be a novelty; ending here will be a huge thrill. It will make the Community Open Day on University Park all the more special.

You can read more about Life Cycle 3 here.

So far we have 135 leg riders signed up for the leg ride from Nevill Holt to University Park.  If you are interested in joining us, or joining the Community Ride, both on September 1st, you can do so here.

Professor David Greenaway


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