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Can we “3D-Print” an Electric Motor?

The well-established success of the Rapid Prototyping technologies derives from the possibility of creating parts with almost any shape at no added costs. However, in order for a part to be functional (i.e., with good mechanical properties), high density and tailored material properties are desired. In the past few years, Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies such …

The Flight of The ‘Chaser’

After 3 months of painstaking work, the INNOVATE team has successfully flown the first of our two unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for the first time. ‘Chaser’ (the name of the INNOVATE UAS) is a fixed-wing, 220 cm wingspan aircraft designed to fly and perform payload delivery missions autonomously. ”I was about to call you this …

3D Printing: Just another media hype?

With the Aerospace industry saying no, the future of this technology has never looked brighter “Giving everyone the possibility to print whatever they want, wherever they are”. This seems to be the predominant ideologue that newspapers, online commentators and TV programmes popularise when discussing the virtues and possibilities associated with 3D printing. The potential for …

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