January 24, 2023, by Adele Horobin

Sound-sensitivity in children

Cartoon drawing of children playingIs your child sensitive to sound?

Please help us test a clinical questionnaire.

What is sound-sensitivity?

Sound-sensitivity is common in children. It is where they experience distress or pain when hearing some everyday sounds. For example, they may struggle with the normal sounds present at home (e.g. hoover) and outside (e.g. traffic, crowded areas), nursery and school (e.g. the dinner hall), attending fun classes and parties. It can also make it difficult for the child to build friendships and learn well at school. This can have a severe impact on their quality of life and mental health.

What will our study do?

Despite the fact that clinicians routinely see children with sound-sensitivity, there are no child-appropriate measures to assess it. This study works with clinicians and parents to design and test a questionnaire for assessing sound-sensitivity in children. Having such a questionnaire will:

  • Provide a tool to support clinicians in the diagnosis of sound-sensitivity.
  • Enable clinical trials to test for therapies for sound-sensitivity in children.

How can I help?

Contact us if you look after a child who is:

  • between 2 and 11 years old
  • sensitive to some sounds (for example hoover, blender, traffic noise, school bell).

Taking part involves a 30-minute discussion (online or face-to-face) where you will complete the new online questionnaire and tell us how clear and easy it is for you to use it.

You will receive a £15 online Amazon gift voucher for taking part.

If you are interested, please email Iskra.Potgieter@nottingham.ac.uk or call 01158232628/ 07812277092.. Thank you. You can find more information by clicking the relevant link below:

Information sheet for parents/guardians

child sensitive to sound - Kids playing in a line cartoon

Image showing a doctor clappiung hands with a child sitting on parent's knee


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