September 10, 2019, by Matt

Our walk so far…

We’re 6 days into our 9 day, 135 mile walk from the School of Geography to Malham, in time for our second year Physical Geography module.

It’s been quite the journey, 91 miles done so far, there’s been highs and lows, topographically and emotionally… plenty of opportunity for geographic word play on this trip!!

Also plenty of Geography to see and talk about: rivers, mills, footpaths, art, history, weather, class struggle, different weather…

We’ve reminisced about our own fieldwork experiences recent and past, not least as we stayed in a YHA in Edale. Was great to see this youth hostel thriving, and promoting the importance of outdoor learning

Today we felt like we had a real Pennine Way experience, a really wet day walking over peat and sandstone…

On Black Hill

Wainwright wrote… “Black Hill is well named… no other shows such a desolate and hopeless quagmire to the sky.”

Today certainly felt desolate and hopeless at times (feel free to get your small violins out) but there’s also a beauty to that kind of landscape and a sense of achievement in getting through those conditions. Dinner tastes that little bit better at the end of the day!

Also plenty of talk about how privileged we are to have the opportunities in our Geography jobs that we do, to travel, to research, to undertake fieldwork. Our hope is that the fieldwork fund we are raising funds for as we walk will help all our students make the most of these opportunities too.

Every little helps so please donate if you can. 

Thank you.

Adam, Shaun, David and Matt



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