December 7, 2017, by lzzeb

Blog of blogs 2017

2017 has been a busy year here at the School of Geography, and to round up the year and give you an idea of what we do, we have put together a collection of blogs relating to research from the School, which we hope you will enjoy.

We would also like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year from all the staff in the School of Geography.

David Beckingham introduced the questions that guided the research for his new book on the regulation of drinking in nineteenth-century Liverpool in the blog below:

Jake Hodder, Stephen Legg and Mike Heffernan have their own project blog called Interwar conferencing and they release new content every month:

The online magazine Research Features shares an article which focuses on a project led by Stephen Legg alongside Jake Hodder and Mike Heffernan

With habitat destruction, biodiversity loss, climate change and poverty increasingly seen as moral issues, there is real potential for faith-based organisations to contribute to a sustainable future. In this blog, Chris Ives explores the role religion can play in creating the green and sustainable cities we need. 

Michele Clarke has written an urban research blog relating to her ESRC award and an IAPS blog for the anniversary of the Indian Partition:

Ginnie has written a blog about the Geochemistry networking event:

Jack Lort has written a blog on his PhD project:

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