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The PAGES 5th OSM Zaragoza, Spain

Dr Matt Jones and Prof Sarah Metcalfe on the School of Geography attendance at this meeting….

There was a great turn out of Nottingham Geographers at this 4 yearly meeting of the PAGES (Past Global Changes) community, this year held in Zaragoza in northern Spain. Six members of the Environmental Reconstruction research sub-theme attended the core 5 day meeting (you can read more about Savannah’s conference experience here), with Nick Primmer also attending the Young Scientists Meeting before the conference and Matt Jones attending a workshop for the PAGES Iso2k working group after the main conference had finished. During the conference Sarah Metcalfe attended the PAGES 2k working group meeting.

As always with these conferences, and well-illustrated on this blog over recent months, the meeting was a great opportunity to catch up with the international community, present work in progress and discuss new collaborations for future projects. The conference attracted more than 900 scientists from 56 countries, a truly international event.

The papers and posters presented by Nottingham colleagues, listed at the end of this blog, shows the range of exciting projects the group is working on at the moment. You can see some of the Geography staff and students ‘in action’ in the attached photographs.

If you want to get a feel for what happened at the YSM and OSM meetings you can view a brief video at http://ftp.pages-osm.org/news/all-news-items/9-latest-news/1755-pages17-short-video

The post conference workshop Matt attended was one of a number bringing together international groups of scientists to focus on focussed research questions, particularly those that require collaboration to bring together multiple records from multiple different archive of past environmental change. Holding a workshop just after a major conference is a good way to get people in the same place to progress the work, as discussing science face to face, and getting to know the people you are working with, can be a much more efficient use of time and lead to fewer misunderstandings than trying to do everything electronically. The Iso2k workshop will be leading to some exciting papers coming out hopefully next year (you can see the excitement in the photo above courtesy of Bronwen Konecky and the Iso2k team!) – so watch this space!

It was a really good conference, which brought together people from very different disciplinary backgrounds who normally would not attend the same meetings.  This is a real strength of the PAGES community, especially as we try to tackle the environmental challenges that the world faces.

S. Engels; Y. Axford; S. J. Brooks; T. P. Luoto; A. S. Medeiros; D. F. Porinchu; R. Quinlan Chironomids as proxy-indicators of spatiotemporal changes in biodiversity

S. Engels; C. Briddon; S. Chenery; C. JB Gowing; M. J Leng; S. McGowan; K. Mills; I. Mushrifah; V. N. Panizzo; M. Shafiq; C. Vane; H. Yang Ecosystem responses to anthropogenic changes in a tropical flood pulse wetland, Tasik Chini (Malaysia)

K. Helmens; C. Katrantsiotis; S. Engels; N. Kuosmanen; T. Luoto; S. Salonen; M. Väliranta; J. Weckström Warm summers and rich biotic communities during n-hemisphere deglaciation

M. Jones; G. Rollefson; T. Richter; Y. Rowan; A. Wasse Early Holocene Desertification of Eastern Jordan

M. Jones; L. Maher; T. Richter; D.Macdonald Epipalaeolithic human-climate-environment interactions in eastern Jordan: can local noise inform a regional signal?

S. Metcalfe; D.Stahle; G. Endfield Hydroclimate in the Mexican Monsoon region: understanding the nature and impacts of climatic variability using different archives

S Metcalfe; J. Homes; M. Burn; C. Lane; S. Horn Palaeolimnological records of climate change in the Central American – Intra-America Seas region over the last 2000 years

N. Primmer; M. Jones; S. Metcalfe Tropical climate dynamics through the Holocene using varve analysis from Yaal Chac, Mexico

G. Swann; A. Mackay; M. Leng; V. Panizzo; A. Snelling; H. Sloane; E. Vologina Diatom oxygen isotope insights into hydrological changes in Lake Baikal during the last glacial

G. Swann; C. Kendrick; A. Dickson Late Pliocene diatom carbon isotope reconstructions of pCO2 in the Subarctic Pacific Ocean

S. Worne; S. Kender; G. Swann; Z. Stroynowski; M. Leng; C. Ravelo Investigating sea ice, productivity and nutrient utilisation in the Bering Sea over the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Prof Sarah Metcalfe at the PAGES 5th OSM meeting

Dr Matt Jones at the PAGES 5th OSM meeting

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