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Meet Tanishka, second year pharmaceutical sciences student

Hello, I am Tanishka Anand, and I am a second-year pharmaceutical science student. The journey to find a course that you feel fits in hasn’t been easy. From attending workshops to spending so many nights searching for the perfect course with the best university, I finally decided to pursue Msci pharmaceutical science at the University of Nottingham (UoN). Starting with small steps like picking out my favourite subjects, finding related courses, looking for the scope of each of them and then finally evaluating which one attracted me the most. Developing new drugs, medicines, undertaking research programmes, looking at the life under the microscope, just thinking about all of it made me feel like a GENIUS.

Why I chose UoN

While hunting between universities, the University of Nottingham has always been on the top of my list because of its high rankings in the subject. It also provides study abroad programmes, has prestigious staff and is a part of the Russell Group of universities. It also has a wide range of options for my course like BSc pharmaceutical science, Msci pharmaceutical science with or without a year in industry which is the other reason to choose UoN.  I started with my course in September 2020 and have covered 9 modules so far. Some of my favourites are cardiovascular and haematology, infection and immunity and synthesis of complex drugs and because these are the ones in which I performed my best. I struggled in the first few weeks, adjusting within a new country and uni life with academics. With the support of my course mates, my tutor professor Jonathan Ayllot and with my own efforts, I am glad that now I can do things with great interest. There are also study groups which you can join that can help you in your first year. Practical classes are my forever favourite where I already feel like a scientist (decked up in a lab coat and playing with the equipment). In our first year, we also learnt a lot about chemistry and effects of the corticosteroid, DEXAMETHASONE, which was is used in COVID-19 treatment. The course is carried out in a way where we can easily manage with attending the classes, listening to the lectures and taking out time for ourselves.  

What I like doing

I really like booking a study space in the library and listening to my lectures there as, seeing other people being productive motivates me. Listening to the songs and walking around the campus is so refreshing. I go for a walk in the evening with my friends. We sometimes play badminton in the sports centre. Sometimes I VLOG TOO (check it out).  The university also has its own gym (David Ross Gym) which I love going to. The campus is beautiful and huge, there is a deer park nearby which you wouldn’t wanna miss visiting. Journey from being a school-goer to university student is not easy but in the end it’s all worth it.  

I hope you found this post helpful; I am happy to share my opinions on university with you guys. 


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