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Malaysia plans to be the first Islamic financial superpower

Could a new upstart be about the join the likes of London, New York and Tokyo as a global financial superpower? The Malaysian government would like to think so, at least. Recently it announced bold plans to transform the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur into a major financial centre in a bid to raise its profile …

When is a current account too complicated?

When is a current account too complicated?   Regulators and Government have long expressed concern that many financial products, even very basic ones, are too complicated. But what actually makes products ‘too complicated’?   Complicated current accounts   You can’t get much more basic than a current account. However, packaged accounts now account for around one in …

Blog post on The Conversation about the re-emergence of TSB

THE CONVERSATION has today published my blog post on the re-emergence of the TSB brand on the High Street and what it means for customers and competition in the sector. View the post here:  

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Bank of England Governor Mark Carney in Nottingham

Governor Carney has stressed the importance of all having confidence in the banking system and our work here at the Centre for Risk, Banking and Financial Services would echo the need for high levels of System Trust on the part of consumers. All of our research as available at Our research shows that consumers generally …

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We all have a duty to strengthen consumer trust

We all have a duty to strengthen consumer trust  By Shane Mullins, CEO, Fiscal Engineers   One of the key aims of the recommendations arising out of the Retail Distribution Review was to strengthen consumer confidence. If we take it as read that this has now been achieved we make a dangerous assumption. RDR is …

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The Centre for Risk, Banking and Financial Services is launched

We are delighted to announce that the Financial Services Research Forum has merged with the Centre for Risk and Insurance Studies to create the Centre for Risk, Banking and Financial Services. The Centre for Risk, Banking and Financial Services (CRBFS) aim to be an inclusive, collaborative research centre based in the Business School at the …

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Pensions: Time to Reconsider a Kite Mark?

Here at the Forum, we have been reflecting recent research concerned with attitudes, expectations and behaviour in pensions. A report by the National Association of Pension Funds, in conjunction with the Institute of Fiscal Studies, provides an excellent indication of how attitudes have to change and become more realistic if people are to enjoy a …

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Corporate Social Irresponsibility in the time of Financial Crisis

Recently, the FSRF sponsored a detailed research project into how narratives of Corporate Social Responsibility/Irresponsibility may provide a useful lens through which to view the financial crisis. A detailed blog post on this topic can be found here:  

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Professionalism and Financial Services

I read Greg Smith’s by now infamous letter whilst working on a project that involved reflecting on the meaning of professionalism in financial services. The picture that Smith paints of a morally bankrupt, self-interested bank is largely at odds with what we understand to be the essence of professionalism. As many will know, the regulatory …

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Retirement Planning

Please see here for the Forum’s latest Research Note entitled “Retirement Planning: Attitudes and Behaviour”. Findings indicate that the majority of us do not put sufficient effort into planning for retirement and that few are excited by the thought of the task However, far more respondents state that they review their plans on a regular basis …

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