October 5, 2020, by Andrew Edwards (Ed)

Root growth in a complex microbiome – Dr Gabriel Castrillo’s paper in Nature

This blog celebrates the achievement of our very own Dr. Gabriel Castrillo in becoming co-first author on a paper in the leading journal, nature. Everybody at The Future Food Beacon takes delight in seeing Gabriel’s work going from strength to strength.

His new paper is called A single bacterial genus maintains root growth in a complex microbiome and will be a fascinating read for all plant scientists. Gabriel and his colleagues have discovered that microbes can disrupt community-level microbe-microbe-plant communications by degrading signalling molecules. Using a model microbiome, they show that this is critical for plant health.

In other words…

For an alternative take on this paper, you can check out this explanatory blog written by Gabriel’s co-first author, Omri M. Finkel, intriguingly entitled Microbial sentries of chemical balance in the rhizosphere


If you want to know more about Gabriel and his research, please check out our blog on 29 July 2020, which combined an introduction to Gabriel’s work with an interview.

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