September 4, 2020, by Andrew Edwards (Ed)

Blue copper in Casparian strips: the work of Dr Guilhem Reyt

Dr Guilhem Reyt is a Research Fellow working with the Future Food Beacon. This brief blog provides links to recent coverage of his work and, most importantly, to his new paper in Current Biology.

Locked out during lockdown

Any scientist who was locked out of their laboratory during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 will be able to empathise with the frustration of knowing exactly what they want to do but being precisely unable to do it!

In Guilhem’s case, this involved scrapping his way back into the laboratory to perform the experiments necessary to get his significant work on Casparian strips published in Current Biology.

Guilhem described the experience to Rob Ounsworth in a University of Nottingham blog dated 30 July 2020

Getting published

The efforts of Guilhem and his co-authors (Zhenfei Chao, Paulina Flis, Isai Salas-Gonzalez, Gabriel Castrillo, Dai-Yin Chao, David E. Salt) were all worth it. Their paper Uclacyanin Proteins Are Required for Lignified Nanodomain Formation within Casparian Strips’ was published in Current Biology on 27 August 2020.

The paper is elegantly summarised in lay terms in this press release dated 4 September 2020, written by Jane Icke, Media Relations Manager for Science at the University of Nottingham

We congratulate Guilhem and his co-authors on this excellent publication and we commend it to our readers!

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