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April 29, 2021, by Erin Snyder

DTH Presents: an intensive QGIS workshop

With the help of LatinNow and Pieter Houten, the Faculty of Arts Digital Transformations Hub is hosting a free online course on mapping using the open-source Geoinformation System QGIS, which will run from the 6th of May through the 4th of June.

The course will have weekly hour-long group meetings on Teams with the participants and instructors on Thursdays at 14:00 BST; participants will also be offered the fantastic opportunity to schedule two half-hour individual Q&A sessions with the instructors. The weekly group meetings will be recorded, so they’ll be available for later review if need be.

The aim of the course is to learn how to use QGIS from basics to first analyses. The content is based on open source data, with examples drawn from Classical Studies of the Iberian Peninsula. The techniques learned can easily be adjusted to other regions and studies; however, we expect that participants will work with the Classical Studies data as their learning material. Feel free to have a look at the GitHub repository of the course:

Participants should expect the course to take about 20 hours of solo study, plus the 5 hours of group meetings. Spaces are limited! Please only sign up if a beginners’ course is appropriate for you, and if you’re willing to handle the time commitment. Places will be allocated first come first served.

This course previously ran in an international setting, and we’re very happy to be able to offer it now to UoN Arts participants free of charge. Come join us for what is sure to be a fabulously useful learning experience, getting to grips with QGIS with a dedicated instructor guiding you through it!

SIGN UP on the DTH’s Eventbrite page. (Please note that places are limited to UoN participants.)


Image credit Tobias1984, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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