April 9, 2019, by Johnny Cammish

Introducing the DTH Research Associates

Hello all! As the DTH Volunteer pen profiles have been updated on the DTH website and we’re all fully adjusted to the way that the DTH runs, we thought it high time that we introduce ourselves. You can find out all about this year’s volunteer team by visiting their webpage here. In the meantime meet the DTH Research Associates 2018 -20 below. First up is William:

Hi, I’m William Pidzamecky, I’m currently working on a PhD in the School of English. I completed my Undergraduate studies in Classical Studies and History and my Master’s Degree in History, specifically on Viking ships in sagas. I am currently researching Viking Migration in between the mid-8th and mid-10th centuries to England, Ireland, Ukraine, and Russia – a link to the dig in Ukraine can be found here.

I will be available in the DTH on Tuesdays from 10am to 5pm to provide access to the equipment and software, and loan out equipment such as laptops, projectors and cameras. I am also available to help with any questions regarding the equipment at the DTH or projects that students and staff are working on.

Among my outside of university hobbies, I am part of a Napoleonic and Viking re-enactment group, I play video games of various sorts, and paint wargames miniatures.

I look forward to seeing you all at the DTH!

And now I’ll introduce myself:

I’m Johnny Cammish, the other Research Associate, and also a second year PhD Student in the School of English. I’m a Romanticist, with my undergraduate English Studies and MA in English Studies primarily reflecting an interest in the Romantic Period, particularly poetry. My research now focuses on the concept of ‘Literary Philanthropy’ within 1820’s British Literature, where I am trying to prove that Literary Philanthropy is actually a concept that exists.

I’m available in the DTH on Wednesdays, 10am to 5 pm covering pretty much the same roles as Will; helping a variety of the projects, leading the marketing team and aiding anyone who might need help borrowing or working the equipment and software we have available.

Outside of University, I fail pub quizzes, play video games, write poetry (here, if that interests you) and read all the books that I can’t pretend are part of my studies.

So! That’s us, look forward to meeting you in the DTH soon!

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