January 20, 2017, by Ranait Flanagan

An interview with DHC Research Associate Paul Grossman

Our interview today is with Paul Grossman. He is the recipient of the DHC Studentship Award and is currently working in the DHC as the Research Associate.

DHC Research Associate Paul Grossman

DHC Research Associate Paul Grossman

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Paul, I’m a post-graduate student studying History MA. My specialisms at the moment are 18th Century British Empire looking at identity in non-white communities, and my dissertation last year was on Enlightenment culture in 18th Century Liverpool.

What’s your role in the DHC?

I’m the Research Associate (RA). The role involves assisting DHC manager Matt Davies in administrating the DHC student volunteers, I also lead the DHC marketing team, cover DHC in Matt’s absence and have to learn a lot of of the tech too. This is a bit different for me as I’m very un-techy as a person! I never really used Photoshop or book scanners before so it’s nice to now, and on a regular basis too!

So, what made you want to get involved in the DHC?

Originally it was because they offered the DHC Studentship. So I work here for 16 hours a week, it pays my tuition fees and I get a small stipend. The DHC is a great environment to work in and I’m really enjoying it. It’s probably my favourite job I’ve had so far.

And outside the DHC, what do you like to do?

Well of course I do have my studies which takes up quite a lot of my time, and I’m involved in a few societies. I was social sec for LGBT Network in my second year, so I’m heavily involved in that. I also do Massage Soc with my partner. I’ve been seeing my partner for three years and they’re based in Sutton Bonington. We try to get away to a city once a week just to see somewhere different.
Oh – and I like food. So I’m vegan so I try to experiment a lot with my food, I like to make my own macaroni cheese, pizza and the rest of it. My particular favourite is popcorn tofu. I like restaurants too, my favourite right now is probably Miss Korea – I think it’s mine and my partner’s go to.

That sounds busy!
Finally, is there anything that you’re looking forward to in the next year with the DHC?

I’m very excited about the marketing side of it, as that’s what I am taking a lead on. Up until this year DHC didn’t really have too much of a recognisable brand, this year’s team have only been in place for one semester and already the workstation signs have been updated, work has begun on a new logo and we have a new promo video! It’s really good to see this new brand coming in so quickly. So I’m excited to see where that goes in the next few months. I’ve also never been involved in an exhibition before so I’m excited that the Slide Team are working on one called ‘Now and Then’ -(more information about that coming soon -Ed)
I think this year’s targets will be less about brand and more about outreach and student awareness, reaching out to Arts departments and getting staff and students to come in, use the facilities and start to see DHC as research hub.
Thank you!

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