May 28, 2014, by Tom Stafford

run your own IAT – openIAT

As part of the project, we’ve built our own Implicit Association Test (IAT) experiment for measuring implicit bias. It runs in all open source software and is freely available over at the Open Science Framework site – here: openIAT. Because it is developed in Python (an open source programming language) and PsychoPy (an open source interactive experimental builder, based on Python), anyone can install the software they need to run this IAT and analyse IAT data.

As well as avoiding duplication of effort for anyone who’d like to run the IAT, making our experiment publicly available reduces the chances that stupid errors survive in our implementation of the IAT. This is partly because other people can freely check how we’ve done things, and partly because it makes us doubly careful with what we’ve done, since we know anyone will be free to check it! Here’s a horror story from another academic field about the havoc coding errors can wreak in science. All this is part of the loosely defined open science movement, of course.

Here’s the link again: openIAT

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