March 17, 2015, by ICCSR

A rare chance to hear about corporate responsibility in Ecuador

There’ll be an unusual opportunity to get an update on the state of corporate social responsibility in Ecuador later this month, when a group of Ecuadorians visit ICCSR for a public discussion of the country’s responsible business trends.

The delegation will include representatives from the ministry of trade, the ministry of planning, the British-Ecuadorian Chamber of Industries and Trade, and civil society and community groups and indigenous groups.

Also present will be experts from Ecuador’s S2M Foundation, a non-profit organisation that promotes CSR throughout the country. At the event they will report on the progress of S2M’s cross-sector Hexagon Dialogue initiative, which aims to encourage discussion about sustainability and ‘sensitive social issues’, with the Nottingham Seminar being part of a UK- Ecuador Hexagon Dialogue.

S2M set up the Hexagon Dialogue with five other organisations, including Business in the Community and the Global Reporting Initiative, and is focusing on bringing together representatives from the public sector, private sector, NGOs, local communities, business networks, and international organisations.

This year ten government departments and organizations and around 20 Ecuadorian leaders have taken part in talks on sustainability. During their visit to Britain, those who have taken part in the Ecuadorian discussions will meet British Hexagon Dialogue supporters to talk about the progress they have made.

The ICCSR event, titled Responsible business and cooperative governance, is open to all, and will be held on 24th March at the ICCSR from 2pm to 6pm in the Sir Colin Campbell Building. As well as speakers from the Ecuadorian delegation there will be input from ICCSR experts too.

If you’d like to register, then you can do so by clicking here

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