January 9, 2015, by ICCSR

Sharing your research on a hot CSR topic

If you’ve been carrying out research into the role of small and medium sized enterprises in sustainable supply chain initiatives, then you might consider presenting a paper to our upcoming seminar on that very topic, which will be held on 31 March at the ICCSR in Nottingham.

The seminar, which is being funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, will look at the subject of ‘SMEs and Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains’ from an emerging market viewpoint. A call for papers has been made, and abstracts of between 1,500 and 3,000 words should be submitted by 20 February. We’ll let you know by 6 March if your paper has been accepted.

We’ve set up the one-day event in conjunction with the University of Middlesex and Royal Holloway University of London to examine the hot topic of how SMEs can be better integrated into local, regional, and international supply chains. Delegates will be invited to explore various supply chain governance models, and to look at the opportunities, trade-offs, and challenges that come with involving SMEs more closely in supply chain sustainability initiatives.

We’re looking for submissions from different academic disciplines that can provide new insights into how SMEs in emerging and developing nations can contribute to the creation of sustainable supply chains.

If you submit a paper to the seminar, it will also be considered for publication in the Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility, and there’s also a possibility that it will be included in a special journal on SMEs and sustainable supply chains.

If you’d rather just attend the seminar, then you can register online for free from 1 March onwards. And if you have any queries about the event, then please feel free to contact our very own Judy Muthuri at judy.muthuri@nottingham.ac.uk


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