October 17, 2023, by Arts Placements

Global Placement Grant – Canadian Law Placement

A Different Perspective

By Laoise McNamara

The opportunity to receive the Global Placement Grant (GPG), awarded by the Faculty of Arts, enabled me to be immersed in the workplace whilst experiencing a completely different culture. I am fortunate to have completed a variety of work experiences in the UK, however, the GPG, gave me a fresh perspective on a different work environment abroad.  I become more self-sufficient and further developed my social skills.

Outside my comfort zone

I took the chance to cross over the Atlantic and undergo work experience in a Canadian law firm specialising in personal injury law. All work experience is of great value, however, the chance to work in an overseas environment puts you outside your comfort zone. Allowing yourself to be placed outside of your comfort zone, I believe enables you to personally grow. On a daily basis you are having to make decisions and solve different tasks with unfamiliar or new people.  This isn’t just a benefit for building on work skills but beneficial for all life skills.

I want to pursue law as a future career, so being exposed to UK law and then to Canadian law is a great advantage to add to my work experience. Having the ability to compare and adapt to Canadian law was a challenge. However experiencing the Canadian mixed legal system and applying it was hugely beneficial.

The Experience

Neinstein LLP, my placement host, has been voted one of Canada’s Top 10 personal injury law firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. Working in a leading law firm showed me thefundamental success of law in this sector of the industry. Personal injury law is now top of my radar as a career path to follow.

The cases like motor vehicle accidents and medical injury showed me the empathy and emotional resilience needed to succeed in such a delicate area of law. I believe my empathetic personality enabled me to get involved with cases that I felt passionate about. Additionally, the cases I worked on, were very present, world issues.

What I gained

Having grown up and attended all my education in the UK, this opportunity allowed me to engage globally. I experienced different global cultures, politics and social issues from different perspectives. I believe this quote from William Maddux, a Professor in Organisational behaviour at INSEAD highlights my growth academically and personally through the GPG experience “creativity is heightened when individuals spend time living abroad, learning and immersing themselves in foreign culture”.

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