Engraving of Nottingham Castle on fire courtesy of Manuscripts and Special Collections, The University of Nottingham

October 27, 2014, by bramh2

Riot 1831 talk and after hours viewing event

By Associate Professor Richard Gaunt, Department of History

Nottingham City Museums and Galleries has recently launched its new Riot1831 Gallery at Nottingham Castle. Through a combination of new technology, items from the museum’s collection and loan items from other repositories, the events of Monday 10 October 1831 – when the Castle was burned down by a riotous crowd – are told from a number of perspectives. This event allows you to take a gallery tour in the company of experts in the events of that period and those involved in the creation of the new gallery. The evening will be introduced by Ron Inglis, Service Manager, Nottingham City Museums and Galleries. This will be followed by a presentation from Dr Richard Gaunt, of the University of Nottingham, who will discuss the historical context of the Riots. Guests will then be taken on a guided tour of the gallery, in the company of Dr Gaunt and Adrian Davies of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries. There will be the opportunity for questions and answers and individual exploration of the Riot1831 Gallery. The evening will provide a fitting opportunity to explore a seminal moment in the history of Nottingham.

The Burning of the Castle talk and exhibition event takes place on 20th November at 6-8:30 pm at the Nottingham Castle Museum as part of the Heroes and Villains: subversion and rebellion in Nottinghamshire events programme for the Being Human Festival of the Humanities




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