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Tragic Troy in Nottingham

Euripides’ Women of Troy, adapted by Don Taylor and directed by Cynthia Marsh, is playing all this week at Nottingham’s Lace Market Theatre.  And tonight (Wednesday) Professor Judith Mossman, of the University’s Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception (CADRE), will be giving a post-performance talk at the theatre on “The Life and Times of …

Lysistrata at the Lakeside

Take a look at the Nottingham Evening Post review of last week’s production of Lysistrata, and at the thoughts of a member of the cast.

Two productions next year

Spring 2013 will be Greek drama time in Nottingham!  Two productions, a comedy and a tragedy, and both on the theme of the miseries of war.  In April, the University’s own Lakeside Arts Centre will stage Aristophanes’ comedy Lysistrata, in which the women of Greece, by withdrawing their sexual services, compel their menfolk to stop fighting …