December 18, 2016, by Lindsay Brooke

18 December 2016 – what’s the story behind door number 18?

Nobel prize for inspirational Honorary Professor.

In October Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, an Honorary Professor in the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This year’s prize was awarded jointly to the three scientists who helped develop the world’s tiniest machines — machines that are a thousand times thinner than a strand of human hair.

Jonathan Hirst, Professor of Computational Chemistry and Head of the School of Chemistry, said: “It is thrilling to see a Nobel Prize in this area of Chemistry. Nanoscience and supramolecular chemistry are thriving at Nottingham and this news emphasises the excitement in our research community.”

Who opened the door?

Today’s thanks go to Gerardo Adesso, a Professor in Mathematical Physics, for opening door number 18 on our digital advent calendar and review of 2016. Professor Adesso also made his mark in 2016. Earlier this year he was named among the world’s 45 leading young scientists under the age of 40.

You can find out more about the digital advent calendar here.

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