December 6, 2022, by Matthew Lumley

Five ways the Advantage Award can benefit Arts students

By Vivina Sardo, BA Hons Modern Language Studies

I started my university journey with no work experience whatsoever. In addition, I had no idea what made a CV good or bad, what to expect from a job interview or how to impress an employer. Then an alumnus told me about how the Advantage Award gives students recognition for extra-curricular activities of their choice. So I said to myself – why not give it a go? 

I want to share with you what I learnt through participating in the Nottingham Advantage Award. So here are five ways I think the scheme can benefit Arts students. 

1) Challenge yourself to build your confidence 

The first module I took was Public Speaking and I would recommend it to everyone. As a languages student, I knew I had to prepare for my course presentations and speak in front of the class with confidence and clarity. However, I was not sure how to attract the audience’s interest and get my point across.  

Before starting I thought I was too shy to speak in public. However, during the module I learnt how to effectively prepare a speech and now I feel much more confident. 

2) Prepare for life after university

Another module that had aimpact on me was Skills for Employability. This is the go-to module if you want to learn how to write a CV and prepare for interviews. Learning these top tips puts you in a great position – especially if you have never experienced the recruitment process before. This preparation could be the difference between you getting your dream job/placement or not. I cannot thank myself enough for choosing this module as I discovered the most effective ways to make my CV stand out and give a good impression at interview.  

3) Engage with new local and international students

Believe it or not, you can get recognition for supporting first-year students on your course during their first months at university. You can also mentor new international students who move to Nottingham. Imagine helping the student community, striking up new friendships and getting recognition for it. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is possible and worth considering. 

4) Connect with likeminded people 

Whichever module you choose, you are going to be joined by other students who, just like you, saw the importance of standing out and going the extra mile at university. It is a unique opportunity to build a network and learn from everyone’s experiences. This can help you plan and get ideas for your future. 

5) Discover how your interests can capture employers’ attention

There are many activities that you can do in your free time and get recognition for with the Award. Examples include: 

  • Accepting a committee role in your favourite society 
  • Improving the student living experience at your hall 
  • Putting yourself forward to become a course rep 

By participating in the Award modules alongside your roles you will learn how to reflect, identify skills and showcase your experiences to employers.  

What next?

Curious to see what else this Award can offer you? Check out the module catalogue. I promise there will be at least three that you will not want to miss out on!

Spring applications opened on 1 November so apply now.

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