June 15, 2022, by Matthew Lumley

Learn more and enhance your CV with the Advantage Award

Elizabeth Ryan, BA Jt Hons History and Politics, third year

I chose to do the Advantage Award in my second year to increase my employment options. It would allow me to develop further soft skills that I did not necessarily gain through just my degree.

Learn more than just your degree

Initially, I wanted to take part in the public speaking module to increase my employability as I often lacked confidence in putting across my points. This opportunity was not available in my degree.

I took part in evening sessions and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of tasks and the consistent opportunities to participate. The module did not only look at formal, prepared public speaking but helped develop skills in spontaneous communication and delivering information when unprepared. There was a great sense of community and support even though we were online. This module was great for developing transferable skills that would be relevant in a variety of careers and everyday life. My confidence speaking in front of people increased significantly.

Enhance your CV

Modules from the Award can also help fill gaps in your CV whilst increasing your presence within your School. My second module was undertaken alongside my role in the History and Politics Peer Mentoring scheme. It allowed me to take on a leadership position – something which was lacking on my CV. I was able to give back to my School and use my own peer mentor during my first year as an example to ensure that I was readily available for my mentees. Being a mentor increased my skills and knowledge of the University as a whole, which I have used in my work as a student ambassador.

Get the most out of activities you are already doing

The Award can also help you get recognition for schemes, activities and work in which you are already take part.

Through the part-time jobs and volunteering module, I was able to accredit my administrative position within the National Health Service. It gave me the opportunity to present my work to other Award participants and reflect on my position within the structure of the organisation. This module is also important for my future career as nearly every organisation for any position has some form of reflective practice and performance review. Until this module, I had not yet experienced this.

Boost your employability now

In summary, my different modules gave me a number of opportunities to develop as a person and employee. I have already experienced the benefits of my increased confidence in public speaking applying for positions which require it. The other two modules are a great example of being able to use activities you may already completing towards the scheme. These enhanced my experiences by offering increased training or the ability to partake in reflective practises.

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