September 10, 2020, by Matthew Lumley

A new module to help you transition into the workplace

By Cyrielle Mevel, Nottingham Advantage Award co-ordinator 

The Careers and Employability Service provides invaluable support so that you can find your career path and be successful in the recruitment process. To complement what we do – and because the workplace is changing so rapidly – I decided to create this new module – Transitioning into the workplace. 

It focuses on helping you embrace change and understand how the workplace operates.

Using case studies, forum discussions, research, self-reflection and coaching techniques, this module will develop your resilience and adaptability skills. These will help you successfully and confidently navigate your new workplace.

Applications are now open so here is why you should apply.

Understand transition and change

Successful transitions into the workplace do not rely solely on being successful in the recruitment process. By reflecting on your experiences, you can recognise how it can affect you and how you may be resistant to change.  

It is also essential to understand how change can impact businesses. You will learn the theory behind transition and change. But most of all, you will get the opportunity to apply it to your experiences and what this means for your future in the workplace. 

Find opportunities in change

By looking at what change means to you and businesses, this module helps you identify opportunities in challenging circumstances. This can boost your confidence when facing the unknown.  

During the module, you will use a variety of coaching tools to help you recognise these opportunities. You will also learn invaluable tips from our employer case studies.  

Prepare yourself for the workplace

Gaining work experience is one thing, but starting your first graduate role is another. This is for the long haul!  

In this module, you will dive into the workplace world, gaining an insight into what to expect on your first day, your first month, and your first year. 

We will help you understand the skills you need to be successful in the workplace. You will then learn how to develop them using Magpie, the University’s online learning engine.  

Through interactive activities, you will get to research how some organisations operate and share your findings with other module participants. 

Develop your well-being at work

Success in the workplace can rely on looking after your mental health and well-being. 

In this module you will learn simple self-coaching and self-reflection techniques. These will be beneficial in overcoming challenges in the workplace and provide you with a greater awareness of your strengths and values 

Find out how you can get ready for the workplace and apply here. 

The application deadline is Sunday 11 October 2020.  

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