January 29, 2016, by Natalie Balchin

Already taking part in the Award? Curious to learn more? Find out what it takes to be an Award student!


With the return of the Employer Supported Prizes and the Celebration Event, the spring term encourages Award students to reflect on their Award experience, especially those who have completed the Award before graduation.

Kate Gosschalk, who has successfully completed the Award shares her experience:


  1. What encouraged you to take part in the Award?

I decided to take part in the Nottingham Advantage Award as I thought that it would aid my employability and provide me with a good topic of conversation for interviews. At school, I was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities, hence believed that the award would be a good motivation to get involved in different things at university.

  1. What drew you to being on the JCR Hall Committee as well as a peer mentor?

I was keen to be on the JCR as it is a good way to meet people in your hall and to have a say in events that occur throughout the year. I was one of the social secretaries, which I loved. I got to organise various events for the hall, including socials, a bouncy castle day, and the hall’s final formal with a marquee and DJ in the quad. The social secretaries were collectively in charge of a £16,000 budget, which demonstrates to employers that I am a responsible person.

I was also a peer mentor; in my opinion, being a peer mentor demonstrates that you are willing to give up your personal time in order to help others, which is a positive attribute to possess. I wanted to take on the role as the start of university is scary for everyone and I hoped that I could make this an easier time for my mentees. We had a good relationship and they felt comfortable asking me course related questions.

  1. Do you feel you have any developed any skills in particular?

Through the award, I believe I have improved my leadership skills, and demonstrated both good organisational skills and time management. Completing the award in my second year shows that when I put my mind to something, I can achieve it.

  1. What advice would you give to students considering taking part in the Award?

It is important to recognise that the award can be completed by anyone. There are a wide range of modules and everyone will be able to find some that are of interest to them. I would definitely recommend the Award for the skills you gain, and with the competitive nature of the job market, it is beneficial to have something that sets you apart.

Completed the Award? If you have completed 20 credits or more, you are eligible to apply for one of our 8 Employer Supported Prizes !

Full details for eligibility can be found on our Workspace page. Don’t miss out! Deadline is on February 12th 2016 at 12 pm.


For any queries relating to the Award, please contact the Award team on: Nottingham-advantage-award@nottingham.ac.uk

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