April 3, 2014, by Giselle Kennedy

Guest Blog: Caroline Chan tells us about her experiences of the Career Skills in Politics module

We caught up with Caroline Chan, a second year politics and economics student currently enrolled on the Nottingham Advantage Award.

She told us all about her experiences of the Career Skills in Politics module and explained how it helped her to develop her skills and interview technique.

Over to Caroline:

“I decided to enrol onto the Careers Skills in Politics module because as a joint honours student, I wanted to ensure that I developed the right skills to apply for internships and jobs in my chosen fields. I found the module outline attractive since it involved workshops covering various aspects of the job application process, as well as a new element of the Consultancy Challenge, where we worked in groups on a project with an external client.

I really enjoyed the classroom-based workshops, as they gave us a lot of information I otherwise would not have been aware of. The most useful workshops were about interviews and assessment centres – we got a very useful handout about how to excel. For me, I found the section on questions to ask your employer particularly useful and I have asked some of the questions suggested in interviews!

The Consultancy Challenge was great fun. I worked in a group with people I’d never met before and we have kept in touch since the project. We worked with The University of Nottingham Marketing, Communications and Recruitment team to try and work out how to make more offer holders say yes to studying at Nottingham. Our project spanned about six weeks; we conducted research and gave a final presentation at the end. We’ve since been told that some departments have changed their open day structure in light of our research! It’s great that our work has had a real-life impact!​

This module has given me a lot to talk about in interviews. So I would definitely recommend doing any Nottingham Advantage Award module, there are so many on offer and it looks great on your CV.”

If you’re interested in applying for the Career Skills in Politics module or you’re keen to enrol on a Nottingham Advantage Award module, visit Workspace for more information. You can apply for next year’s modules from the beginning of August 2014. 

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