January 17, 2014, by Nottingham Advantage Award

BT – Collaboration and Communication Prize

Our annual Celebration Event is scheduled for Monday 9 June 2014.  If you have successfully completed the Award by earning 30 credits or have been shortlisted for one of the Employer-Supported Prizes, you will be invited to the event.

There are several top employers who are sponsoring prizes this year, along with the Vice- Chancellor’s Prize.  Prize winners will receive awards such as lunch with the vice president of the company, an internship position, a session with a career coach, or various vouchers and give-aways.

This week we would like to feature the BT – Collaboration and Communication Prize. The statement below was sent to us by BT to promote their prize.

This is BT’s second year supporting the Nottingham Advantage Award and we were so impressed by the candidates last year that we wanted to back to see what other fantastic students Nottingham had to offer! We think this is a fantastic way of celebrating students whose extracurricular activities often go unrecognised. It is important to remember that it is not only academic results that attract potential employees, and this Award is a great way of recognising this.

To recognise the fantastic achievements of our chosen winner, we are offering £100 to spend on something to improve communication and a unique opportunity of a day in BT’s London office, to find out what life is like inside one of the UK’s biggest companies, and meet some of the people who make it all happen!

We are looking for someone who shows a range of different ways in which they have improved communication with those around them – maybe through volunteering, learning languages or something else – outside of their University education. We want someone who understands the importance of communication, and how better communication can benefit everyone, and in many different ways.

For more information about how to apply for the BT- Collaboration and Communication Prize you can visit this LINK. For more information about the Celebration Event 2014, click HERE.  You can also email our Award staff at nottingham-advantage-award@nottingham.ac.uk.

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