November 20, 2013, by Nottingham Advantage Award

Alumna Evelin Iliyanova – Where is she now?

In this week’s blog, alumna Evelin Iliyanova shares how the Nottingham Advantage Award, specifically taking part in the Business School Programme Certificate module and winning the EY Enterprise in the Community Prize, prepared her to ace the interview process and ultimately be awarded her dream job.

“I have just started my six-month internship with Ernst & Young, now officially EY, in Bulgaria where I am originally from. I am working as an audit trainee in the assurance department and I am really excited to find out in the next couple of days who my first client will be.

My job search was very straight forward. As soon as I went back home after graduating from University I went straight to EY’s website (link) to check for any open graduate positions as I already knew this was the company I wanted to work for. Luckily, I was successful at the recruitment process and got offered a job a month later. 

Finding a job probably wouldn’t have been such an easy task if it wasn’t for the Nottingham Advantage Award. It was the reason I had the opportunity to attend a three-day Leadership academy with EY in the UK in July after winning the Leadership in the Community Prize. I enjoyed this experience and the people I met there so much that I wouldn’t want to apply for any other employer. Later, the Award gave me so much to talk about at my interview stage that I got offered the job I wanted. What’s more, my first day as part of the company, as a leadership academy member, was also the day EY officially entered the business world with a new global vision, strategy and branding. It’s all been very exciting times for me, thanks to the Nottingham Advantage Award!”

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