August 7, 2012, by Hayley

Project Management: A Practical Approach – Financial Capability

Would you like the chance to run your own campaign and develop key project management skills?

Despite what the module title might suggest, there is no need for you to have any finance-specific knowledge to take part in ‘Financial Capability’. The module involves working as a group to design an exciting campaign or project which encourages students to think about the way they spend money, and how they can more effectively manage their finances.

This module is offered by the Financial Support team in the Student Services Centre, who will be on hand to offer advice, and to help and guide you along the way; however, it’s driven by what you choose to do.

Working as a group, and by doing your own research, you can choose the area you want to focus on: it could be student loans, bank accounts, budgeting, or anything else finance related. Your job will be to investigate the relevant issues and design an approach to communicating your findings in a student-friendly way to your fellow students here at the University.

Previous campaigns have included the ‘fix up, spend smart’ campaign, delivered in 09 -10, which encouraged students to think about the money they spend on a day-to-day basis and how they could save money by making simple alterations in their every day routine.

Last year students taking part in the module chose to tackle the issue of household bills. They took the approach of designing and building their own website, giving students much needed advice about how to budget and manage their household bills. The Financial Support team were so impressed that they’ve now incorporated this in to the University’s Financial Support Money Worries pages.

“I have enjoyed taking part in this module and have really benefited from running this campaign. I plan to put all the skills I have acquired to good use in the future.” – Adam

Interested in getting involved? Information for both the autumn and spring term can be found on the page below:

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