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Adlan Wafi Ramli reflects on completing the Nottingham Advantage Award

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Hello everybody!

On Friday last week, I logged into My Career (a website to check on your personal details and mostly regarding activities for your career development) and found out that I passed my 3rd and final module – Arabic! I was just so ecstatic to finally know that I have completed the Nottingham Advantage Award. It’s been a year and a half since I registered to become an Award student. I can’t believe that time has gone by so quickly.

I registered to become a Nottingham Advantage Award student in November 2010 when I decided to make my university experience even more colourful than it already was at that time. The Award is designed to give recognition to students at The University of Nottingham who undertake extra modules which will make them more employable or simply for those who wants to make the most of their time at this University.

The card that the children in my class gave to me on my final day as a Student Associate

I am just so grateful that everything went very well, alhamdulillah. The first module, Student Associates Scheme gave me the chance to be a part-time teacher and work with the lovely kids of Portland Primary School.

The topic of my research for NUSA

The second module was Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA) Volunteers and it truly was memorable as I was given the chance to help the school by conducting a small-scale research. I had the opportunity to perform online survey analysis as well as conducting group interviews. This module helped me realised of my passion for research and perhaps I will still be conducting researches when I work as a doctor in the future.

The third and final module was Arabic – I have always wanted to become proficient in this language. The tutor was very good at delivering the module and I know that one semester of learning is not enough but I’m sure going to persevere in becoming more competent in this language.

The Nottingham Advantage Award is one of the wonderful things that The University of Nottingham can offer. If you get the chance to study at this beautiful institution, be sure to sign up for the Award! Plus, I will soon be invited to attend the Celebration Event in May. I hope my consultant would allow me to leave the hospital early on that day =)

Take care, I’m going back to Mansfield at 5 am tomorrow morning!

Being me,





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