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Uni: Top Five Moments

This day has finally come, where I am writing my final blog post for the university. It also means that I am no longer a student at the university. Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad to be done with exams (for a while at least). However I am not quite ready to stop being …

5 Tips for Travelling by Plane

Reading the “5 Top Tips for Train Travel” blog by Amy I was inspired to write this post. While I am not an expert at air travel, I have done my fair share of long-haul flights to head back to my home country; Malaysia. Here are some of the ways I ensure I have the smoothest …

Eating Your Way Around Campus

Having spent nearly 4 years at this university and with a lot of that time being on University Park Campus, I have had my fair share of meals here. In this post I will share with you my 3 favourite places to grab a bit on campus whether it is a lovely day out or just …

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How I Survived The Library

Exams are thankfully over for me, but before I got to this point, I was in the deep depths of.. THE LIBRARY. Almost every day of the past two and a half weeks of my life were spent in the George Green Library cramming prepping for my last ever exams. I was pretty serious about this …

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Slovenia: 8 Reasons You Should Visit

With my last Easter holiday break having come and gone, I thought it was wise that I took a break from revision to travel to a new country. I headed to the sunny side of the Alps a.k.a Slovenia. Don’t know where it is? Neither did I until I booked this holiday. It’s a small country nestled between …

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In Search of the Perfect Chai Latte in Nottingham

My friends and blog readers know there is nothing more I love than a good cup of coffee. Lately I have been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake so I decided to go by a less-caffeinated/decaf route by swapping coffee for chai lattes. It’s something I did not expect to like because obviously there …

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The Much Needed London Getaway Weekend

First off, apologies for not blogging in the longest time. I have been busy with a couple of things: Going home for Christmas Revising for exams Losing my mind Exams After a hectic month I finally had some time off and so I decided to give myself a break this weekend. Naturally I had to …

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Final Year: Expectations vs Reality

As it is the last week of term, I thought I would do a wrap up on how this semester has gone by looking back on a few of my expectations. These are some of the expectations I had, either from first year or from the summer before I began my final year at university. University …

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My Favourite Coffee Shops in Nottingham ☕️

Like most university students I have a wonderful relationship..with coffee. Coffee may just be my one true love that comes in many forms, but my top three has got to be the flat white, espresso macchiato or a latte (usually my go-to when a flat white isn’t available). Lately I have been cafe-hopping quite a lot in …

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Let The Pharmacy Games Begin!

This week I participated in the Hunger Pharmacy Games as part of a module organised by the School of Pharmacy. The module is Pharmacy Leadership and Management (PLM for short), and the games began (for me in the third group) last Monday. This is the first time ever this type of simulation pharmacy game has …

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