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a panda teddy bear. it has just come out of the washing machine, so its fur is sticking up in many directions and so the panda appears amusingly disconcertedmy tall floor lamp from Ikea, switched on and giving out a warm yellow glow in front of my bookshelfa small lamp atop a green metal bedside table. the lamp is switched on and casts yellow light onto the table and the wallcacti on my bathroom windowsill in university halls.A photo taken from waist-height of a person's legs and feet as they stand on a flatweave rug with their shoes ona bed in a student bedroom, with a pretty blue duvet cover with white daisies on. a fluffy black and white rug with a criss-cross pattern (white background, black criss-crosses) is on the floor below the bed, and it is nearly as long as the beda flyer advertising the University of Nottingham's swing dance society. the poster is eye-catching. it has a crimson background. it lists a few upcoming meeting times. there is a large graphic of two black figures with no facial features, a man and a woman. the man has a white shirt and the woman has a white dress. the man and the woman are slightly far apart, but they are connected as they are holding hands, just with outstretched arms because they are dancing.This photo was taken in Ikea, and it is of a green metal bedside table. The price tag is just visible, and it reads £12Rutland Hall, a student hall of residence at the University of Nottingham. The picture shows some ground floor rooms from the outside. There is a walkway outside the windows of the rooms, and grass. The upper floors extend above the ground floor, supported by white pillars. This casts a visible shadow over the windows of the ground floor rooms, as the overhanging second floor blocks some of the light.a hand holding out a tiny vase filled with water and bright weeds. the flowers are arranged neatly and in the style of a florist's bouquet. behind the flowers is a bed in a student room, with a white duvet cover with daisies printed on it. the wall behind is covered in posters, some of which are of flowers. the wall is an ugly green-brown colour and the posters help to brighten it up a little. the posters are also arranged very randomly and are therefore interesting to look at.