January 19, 2013, by Gemma


The first week of exams is over, thank God! For me, this has consisted of three exams/6 painful hours/a whole lot of writing. It might seem like they will never end, but just keep going, because it will all be worth it in the end. Did you know that the University of Nottingham is the second-most targeted University by the UK’s largest graduate recruiters? WINNING!

Seeing as this week and the next are all about exams, answering questions and whatnot, this blog is based on the Five 5Ws and one H, which are “questions whose answers are considered basic in information-gathering”. So here it goes:

Macklemore's cool batman onesie

Macklemore’s cool batman onesie

Who I am listening to?

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz – Thrift Shop (58 million views and counting!)

So awesome! I believe the story behind the song is something along the lines of wearing your grandpa’s hand-me-downs?  I’m not too sure but it’s a great listen.


What I’m watching?

I love watching ‘Africa’ on BBC iPlayer, the new series from David Attenborough. I watched the first episode because it featured meerkats, and now I’m hooked. There are some really funny bits, like when a squirrel drops its nut when a leopard looks like it’s going to eat the squirrel.

When will the torture that is exams be over?

The exam period officially ends on Saturday 26th January. My exams finish on Friday. I will most likely spend the weekend catching up on sleep and with friends. How will you be celebrating?

Where I am currently blogging from?

Home, sweet home. I have a week before my next exam, so I’ll revise for it here because I work a lot better at home, I’ll be cooked for, and most importantly, IT’S WARM!!

Why I find exam rooms annoying?

  • Coughing: One person coughs, and it sends everyone else into a frenzy. It’s like people need one person to take the plunge and cough first, as a sort of reassurance that it’s okay to cough.
  • Noisy handwriting: I had one particular exam this week, where sitting next to me was a guy whose exam answers must have involved a lot of crossing of t’s, and dotting of i’s. I’m sure people in the building next door could hear his frantic writing.
  • Invigilators that don’t notice you: Yesterday, I desperately needed more paper, but when I put my hand up, I wasn’t seen to for about a whole minute. Every minute counts in a one-hour exam you know.

How I like to procrastinate?

With revision comes the inevitable: Procastination. I’ve recently been introduced to Kanyezone.com. This link was set to me from a friend as a “treat” for completing my first exam. It’s an addictive game where you have to prevent a sunglasses-toting Kanye West from getting into his zone.


I’ll be back next Friday!

Don’t let me get in my zone…

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