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Pulling Back the Curtain on the Wizards of Oz

The Wizard of Oz experiment (WOz) is a research approach in which an intelligent system is presented to users, typically as part of a research study. Unbeknownst to the user, the presented intelligence is a mirage, with the gubbins of the supposedly intelligent system run by a human operator pulling metaphorical levers. In other words, the intelligence …

The Future Machine update

Creating Rituals For When The Future Comes A performance of the Future Machine in London took place with musicians Alex Dayo, David Kemp, Miles Ncube, Indira Lemouchi, Furtherfield Commons, the weather and the Future Machine. Bringing music, art, nature, climate and weather together in these difficult and uncertain times, to celebrate the Autumn and think about …

DigiTOP Digital Manufacturing Webinar Series

The DigiTOP team are presenting a Digital Manufacturing Webinar Series; shedding light on digital technologies, human factors and productivity. Webinars will be delivered by academics from the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University and Cranfield University and cover topics ranging from ‘human-robot  collaboration’ to ‘the creative and structured elements of rich pictures’.  

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Institute of Food Science Technology online event

Dr Nik Watson, Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham received an invitation from the Institute of Food Science Technology to participate in a Food Risk Management System Webinar on Artificial Intelligence. Listen to Nik’s presentation (31:11) ‘Will sensors and AI revolutionise food and drink manufacturing?’ here.  

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Connected Everything Network and Smart Products Beacon summer school video

To celebrate the success of our Summer School, co-hosted with the Connected Everything Network, we have produced a video capturing highlights of the three-day event. The Summer School brought together a diverse group of talented postgraduate students to learn about the challenges innovators face when integrating collaborative robotics into a variety of settings. Delegates were …

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Live Cinema III – The ReOpening

As we celebrate the reopening of independent cinemas in September, it seems like a good moment to take stock. Research and development innovations in screen spectatorship haven’t stopped during this period; they’ve shifted in focus and techniques. The creative sector is by nature imaginative and by necessity adaptable. But this is taken for granted, with …

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As part of an online summer seminar series, the AI3SD Network+ is running a joint seminar with the Internet of Food Things Network+. Dr Nicholas Watson from the University of Nottingham will be presenting “Smart Cleaning & COVID-19” on Wednesday 26th August 2.00pm – 3.30pm. Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) such as robotics, AI and IoT …

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Smart Products Beacon students update – 3

Jose Berumen Salazar has been working on the I-CUBE project conducting a video-analysis of a Wizard of Oz laundry experiment. It was a task in which participants interacted with an actor, who pretended to be a robot, to sort clothes in different baskets. People interacted with “the robot” through voice commands, gestures, and body positions. …

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Smart Products Beacon Students – update (2)

Edwina Abam has been continuing to work on her PhD, on novel deep learning techniques for credit risk assessment. Collaborating with Capital One, she has been working on a pilot project to prepare the groundwork for future experiments in her PhD. The focus of the pilot project is to develop a deep learning model to …

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Smart Products Beacon students – update (1)

Rebecca Gibson has been working within the Hybrid Gift project to explore how hybridity in products can develop new gifting experiences. Her research has involved collaborating with (a large company) and working with other PhD students on the development of new hybrid gifts, which has involved meeting with stakeholders, planning and running a study to …

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