November 18, 2018, by Dr. Meghan Gray

Shivani Dave redefines the kilogram on Radio 4

Delighted to hear recent graduate Shivani Dave (2017 BSc, Physics) on Radio 4 explaining the redefinition of the kilogram earlier this week. No longer tied to a single lump of metal sitting in a vault in Paris, the new definition adopted on Friday at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Paris redefines our measure of mass in terms of a fundamental constant of nature, Planck’s constant.  You can hear more on the topic from Shivani here:


Like many of our students, Shivani was interested in science communication during her time at Nottingham. She enrolled on the fourth-year module “The Politics, Perception, and Philosophy of Physics” taught by Prof Philip Moriarty, and honed her skills at the award-winning University Radio Nottingham (URN). After graduation she went on to pursue an MSc in Science Media Production at Imperial College while somehow simultaneously juggling a full-time job at the BBC (where she is clearly making an impression on the powers-that-be…). We look forward to seeing and hearing more from Shivani in future!

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