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Charlie Laughton

Associate Professor and Reader in Molecular Recognition, University of Nottingham

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Treasure Maps

Maps are great, and we use them a lot in our research. I’m not talking about maps of places, but maps of shapes. Let me explain. Imagine you are interested in the shapes of triangles. Assuming that you don’t care about their size, just their shape, then you can define the shape of any triangle …

Playing snooker with jelly

If you have a snooker app on your smartphone then you have a piece of software there that’s not a million miles away from that which is increasingly used to design new drugs [1]. Like a never-ending game of high-speed snooker,the molecules in our body – proteins, DNA, lipids, sugars, etc. – are a state …

Fighting the flab

As if obesity wasn’t a big enough problem already, it seems that now it’s affecting drug discovery as well. As Mike Hann of GSK has pointed out1, the is a growing tendency for medicinal chemists working in pharmaceutical drug discovery to come up with ‘fatty’ molecules – ones that literally contain many of the same …

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