January 10, 2019, by Emma Thorne

Vet students go ‘Full Monty’ for naked charity calendar

A brave bunch of students from the University’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science have stripped to their birthday suits for a lighthearted new charity calendar. 

Wearing nothing but a smile – and a few strategically placed stethoscopes and latex gloves – the VetSoc students are featured posing with a range of animals, from horses, dogs, sheep and chickens to more exotic creatures including alpacas, meercats, a boa constrictor and tortoises. December features a seasonal Christmas scene complete with Santa hats and reindeer. 

The volunteer models faced chilly November temperatures when getting their kit off for VetSoc photographer and fourth year veterinary medicine student Madison Hewitson. 

But the bold venture is all in the name of a good cause – proceeds from the sale of the £10 calendar have already raised £1,000 for the mental health charity MIND. 

Jessica Price, Charities Officer at VetSoc, said: “With veterinary medicine still presenting one of the highest suicide rates amongst professionals, it seemed fitting to donate all of the proceeds from our calendar to MIND. 

“VetSoc believed this calendar to be a great opportunity to remove the stigma associated with mental health whilst raising money for a charity which encourages and supports each individual’s wellbeing. Alongside this, the calendar itself has been a fantastic way to promote body confidence amongst both our male and female Vet students at Nottingham, encouraging all shapes and sizes to get involved! 

“We have had a blast making the calendar and hope that it can go a little way to making an enormous difference within the vet community, where both students and employees face enormous responsibility and life-or-death decisions every day. With the help of MIND, we won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect that they require.” 

Anyone who would like to support the fundraising venture can get their copy of the VetSoc Naked Calendar online. 

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