March 29, 2020, by bmillar

My Experience as Communication Co-ordinator

I was successful in gaining a placement as the Communication Co-ordinator for the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) MSK Theme, based in the Department of Academic Rheumatology for the spring semester through the School of English placements scheme. Throughout my time here I have been responsible for a number of tasks ranging from involvement in the production of a video for first time research participants, writing regular blogs on current and upcoming research opportunities, and helping create the next Investigating Musculoskeletal Health and Wellbeing newsletter.

As an English student, I rarely get exposure to the work that is undertaken in clinical sciences’ departments. Therefore, it was inspiring to learn about the different research studies being conducted and the positive impact that they are having on participants and the wider world of research. A particularly informative part of the role was learning about the different conditions that exist that I was previously unaware of, through professors’, researchers’, PhD students’ and the Pain Centre Versus Arthritis projects. After researching them further, I was able to write on them to showcase the researcher’s successes and achievements. Specifically, I found Burak Kundakci’s research project on Fibromyalgia especially interesting, as I learnt about the different interventions already in place to minimise pain, as well raising areas for further development within these methods.

This experience has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally within an unfamiliar workplace environment, teaching me adaptable skills which I hope to implement in the near future.


I’d like to thank Dr Bonnie Millar, Professor David Walsh, Professor John Gladman, the NIHR Nottingham BRC MSK Theme and Academic Rheumatology for having me over the course of this semester, it has been a valuable experience and I have learnt a great deal!

Amelia Bell

(Third Year English BA student, The University of Nottingham)

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