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On this day in AD 12, Caligula was born

Text by Annabel Rock-Clarke Image © Mint Imperials Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was born in Antium on the 31st August AD 12. He is more commonly known as Caligula. He was the son of the extremely popular general, Germanicus, a nephew of Augustus who was adopted by the emperor Tiberius but died young at age 34, …

On this day in AD68 Nero committed suicide

He was the first emperor so to do.

On this day in AD107 Trajan celebrated his second triumph over the Dacians

What was the nature of this military success?

On this day in 359, the emperor Gratian was born

He reigned for eight years as junior emperor and another eight years as the senior emperor of the West. And, on the 3rd October 382, Gratian saved the Roman Empire…

A coin of Pontius Pilate for Easter

Everyone has heard of Pontius Pilate: but what do ancient sources outside the Bible tell us about him?