Nottingham has a new Super Computer

The University of Nottingham has had a High Performance Computer (HPC) for many years, but this resource has just been refreshed. The new computer is named Minerva (after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom). You can read more about this new computer at thisisnottingham, who recently ran a feature on it. One of the interesting items …

Kevin Shakesheff receives a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award

Kevin Shakesheff, head of the School of Pharmacy, is one of 25 new Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award recipients. A thisisnottingham article provides more details. On behalf of everybody at UNMC, I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Kevin on receiving this prestigious award.  

Establishment of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRS) Malaysia Chapter

The establishment of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRS) Malaysia chapter was one of the main achievements of IEEE Malaysia section in 2012 as informed during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of IEEE Malaysia section on 19 Jan 2013. Over 35 IEEE GRS members in Malaysia have joined other chapters for their professional activities for …

Award of Recognition for contribution in Postharvest Research and Education

An Award of Recognition was presented by CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering) to nine leading international researchers in the field of postharvest technologies. The awards were presented for ‘Contribution in Postharvest Research and Education’  …. see more.

Sultans of Science Exhibition

Between mid-December 2012 and June 2013, ‘Sultans of Science’ will be hosted at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre (located at the Petronas Twin Towers). The exhibition, also known as ‘Islamic Science Rediscovered’, showcases the significant contributions Muslim scholars have made to science and technology. More information can be seen on this (external) blog post (by Shereen …