What is your Erdös Number?

Paul Erdös (1913-1996) is one of the most prolific mathmeticians. He wrote over 1500 papers in his lifetime and collaborated with over 500 people. As a tribute, his friends created the Erdös number, which is a tongue in cheek way of asking how well you are associated with the top mathematicians. Erdös himself has an …

How international are our publications?

I saw an interesting article (International research coauthorship – trends and implications) recently from blog.universitiesuk.co.uk, which discusses how collabotaion with international partners has changed over the past few years. I thought it might be interesting to see how we do, and compare ourselves against another well known institution in the UK. It shoud be noted …

Australian Business Deans Council (ABCD): Revised Journal List Announced

The Australian Business Deans Council (ABCD) has just announced its revsied journal list (in draft form at the time of writing). From their web site (About Us), the ABDC was: “Established in 2002 to represent Australia’s higher education business faculties and schools, the ABDC is particularly concerned to improve Business education through curriculum development, and …

Thomson Reuters: Innovation Challenge

If you think that you are a good programmer, with some ideas about how best to access academic publications, then the Thomson Reuters Innovation Challenge might be just the thing you are looking for. You might even win the $30,000 prize!

Using Google Scholar

If you want to know more about Google Scholar, this video is not a bad place to start.

Ranking’s research impact indicator is skewed

Thanks to Chris Ennew for pointing me towards this article from the University World News web site. It starts: “The 2012 Times Higher Education World University Rankings consisted of 13 indicators grouped into five clusters. One of these clusters consisted of precisely one indicator, research impact, which is measured by normalised citations and which THE …

Web of Knowledge

In case you are unfamiliar with some of the facilities that are available to you as a researcher at UNMC, we thought it might be useful to briefly cover some of them. Many services are subscription based so you either need to be on campus (when the IP will give you access), or you can …

Horizon Newsletter: Storing and Harnessing Compressed Air for Power Generation

In a recent post, we mentioned the launch of a new magazine. One of the articles outlines some of the research being carried out at the University of Nottingham. The article starts “Researchers at the University of Nottingham in the UK have come up with to store air in the Energy Bag.”    

Horizon Newsletter: Eye Movement Tracking Finds Practical Uses

In a recent post, we mentioned the launch of a new magazine. One of the articles caught our eye (yes, we know we did that), as it seems very relevant to some of the research being carried out in Psychology at UNMC.

Horizon Newsletter from Innovation and Technology by the Unit Inovasi Khas (UNIK)

We have just been told about a new newsletter (or is it a magazine)  from the Innovation and Technology by the Unit Inovasi Khas (UNIK). We are going to blog a few items from the first issue, but you might find the newsletter of general interest.