Getting started in libraries

September 21, 2018, by Katherine Beers

Getting started in libraries 2018/19

Welcome to our new students, and to all of our returners it’s lovely to see you again. We’ve had a busy summer getting ready for the start of the 2018/19 academic year. This blog has some helpful tips on getting started, as well as what’s new.

Get started with UoN Libraries

Getting started

  • First up  – our Week 1 to Week 8 web guide helping you to navigate through the world of University Libraries
  • Secondly –  if you haven’t already downloaded the MyNottingham app –  do it, because it’s a really good way to access NUsearch – our library discovery tool on the move
  • Thirdly – we are offering tours in all libraries from Monday 24 September until the end of November. Join a tour starting on the hour and half hour, between 9am and 5pm. Outside of these times library still staff will do their best to show you around
  • Fourthly – all of our library staff can help you with any library questions, you’ll find us either at library entrance/exits, at help desks or roving. Our job is to support you and we like it when you ask us for help!
  • Our final getting started tip – keep in touch and stay in touch. This blog has posts about all kinds of Library Matters, you can follow us on Twitter or check out the library website

New library things –  space and services

  • Pop-up Library Help –  we are bringing the library out to you. Between 11 October and 10 November we’ll be visiting Halls of residences 5.30-7.30pm for question time sessions. We’ll then move to a regular drop in session Tuesdays 6-8pm located in the Halls clusters. More information is available in Library News.
  • We’ve added 200 new study places in George Green library  and rearranged the A floor entrance space to make it easier to navigate around. Students and staff have given us plenty of feedback over the past year and we’ve used this to do the following:
    – Increase the capacity for desk space in the F floor Post Graduate only room
    – Add more seating on A floor
    – Added more small booths for quiet and silent study
    – The B floor group study rooms are now all drop in use and the C floor rooms are bookable via NUsearch
    – We will be adding more PCs with the full suite of engineering software during this year.
  • All of our libraries now have new recycling and landfill bins, we used the money from the University’s Environmental Initiative to buy bins that are consistent in design and labelling so that recycling choices are made clearer. We’re supporting the University’s #WasteNotts initiative.
  • NUsearch was upgraded over the summer and has some great new features that encourage interactivity. To find out more read this blog, or watch the video
  • We’ve upgraded the online student reading list system, it’s mobile friendly and much improved. Reading lists are really important because they tell you the resources your teachers are recommending you read and we buy resources based on what is in online reading lists. They are available via Moodle or you can log into a reading list account to see all of the lists available at the University. More online help for students on how to get the best out of reading lists is available here.
  • Library 24/7 will begin in early November and we’ll making an announcement about changes to 24 hour opening patterns. We received lots of feedback from students last year and are implementing changes based on what you told us to do.

Libraries will be at registration in the David Ross Sports Village on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 September, so come and say hello and ask us any questions you might have about getting started. Alternatively all of our library staff are on hand to answer questions in libraries, plus we have our student library ambassadors who offer library tours and can share their experiences with you.

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