September 9, 2015, by Katherine Beers

UX- you step in, we step up

We have listened and learnt from you and (cue fanfare) our new library website is now available for use!

Thank you to everyone who answered our questions, came to our focus groups, completed our web survey or participated in our Usability Experience (UX) sessions. UX testing was a new method of engagement for us here in Libraries, Research and Learning Resources. The short targeted sessions provided a real insight into user behaviour when searching for information on the web. We found that there were lots of similarities in participants’ approaches to searching and finding information. Even better there were lots of things all of our participants really disliked about our old webpages! We have been able to use all of your feedback to deliver the following changes:

  • Scroll of death – eliminated wherever possible
  • Links that lead you down blind alleys – U-turns now available
  • So much information that you cannot find the answer you need – concise content and the use of video to share in depth information
  • Boring pages- fantastic new photos of some of our lovely library staff and students smiling and looking happy

We really hope you like the new website; we couldn’t have done it without you! Follow us on Twitter @UoNLibraries for future opportunities to have your say.

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