August 21, 2015, by Dan Flatt

Five minutes with… Louise Savage


Louise Savage

Job title?

Senior Project Manager for Libraries, Research and Learning Resources

So, what does that mean?

Well essentially when Libraries, or indeed the university, wish to embark on a piece of work that sits outside of a usual business activity it often becomes a project.  There are lots of exciting projects currently taking place throughout the university and I am involved or leading these, where there is a need for input from the libraries.

Great, fab, sounds interesting! What have you been up to recently?louise

Well I am involved in a big project at the moment focussed on research data.  In the last week though I volunteered to help on the phones for clearing – so a little off-piste activity!

Clearing? What has that got to do with Libraries?

Errrrr students?!  No in all honesty there is not a direct link but as I am new to UoN I am still learning about all the different functions performed here.  Admissions is so integral, that I thought it was an opportunity for me to broaden my understanding of the University as a whole.  And it’s good to mix things up once in a while.

Ok, did you enjoy it? Would you do it again?

I loved it but it was relentless and I was exhausted when the lines closed at 6pm; we had been there since 7:45am.  I would definitely do it again and enjoyed feeling that I was contributing to the university in a very different way compared to what I do normally.  Without wanting to sound melodramatic it was lovely to make a difference for our next set of students.

That all sounds very virtuous. Did you have any #MeantToBe moments?

Do you know what?  I really did!  The most memorable of these was I found a place in UoN business school for a student who was desperate to come to Nottingham.  We talked through some of his options and by the end he told me that he actually felt the course we were offering to him was a better fit.  He was so pleased and just kept saying thank you.  At the end of the call just before hanging up, I heard a huge roar (which I took to be a good sign) from him and a few others in the background.  I admit to feeling quite emotional at the end of that one!

Any top tips for anyone helping out the university with clearing in the future?

Take a big bottle of water, I was hoarse at the end of the day.

Final question! If you could have super power; what would it be and why?

My power would be that I would be able to walk into a room, clap my hands and everything would be tidied…

Any particular reason?

I have two sons and a husband, why else?



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