Back to the Future De Lorean Car

August 13, 2015, by Katherine Beers

Back to the Future for this librarian #MeantToBe

Back to the Future, a librarian from the University of Nottingham reminiscing about her A level results way, way, way back in 1990 and how they shaped her present. A step back in time of 25 years when we could only dream of conquering the world on a hover board!


The summer of my A level results was one of mixed emotions that  I am sure will resonate with this year’s cohort of students. Freedom, adventure but also anxiety and worry about impending results and making the right choices. Skipping forward to the present day on University Park in Hallward library, I now know that I have the power to do something about those emotions. A quick search on NUsearch results in a very useful ebook about Mindfulness that I can download and read at my desk, or on my iPad later this evening from home. The book I chose is an ebook by Jeffrey Brantley. ‘Calming Your Anxious Mind : How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Anxiety, Fear, and Panic’.

The actual results day turned out ok, some great and some not quite as expected grades. My memories are all a bit hazy now but I do know my biggest regret is that I wish I could remember more clearly the afternoon spent in the pub with my A level friends, commiserating and congratulating. Maybe if I’d read this  very useful book,  ‘Biological effects of alcohol / edited by Henri Begleiter,  I would have declined that 5th pint of cider and could reminisce more accurately who said what…

Back to the future

An unexpected mix of results still led me to my first choice University and a course on an Ancient History and Archaeology . The most important discovery of this journey? That has to be an enduring love of the University Library and the wonders of reading and learning. Nothing beats finding a quiet study carrel and getting stuck into the writings of Suetonius, travelling even further back in time (see our recent blog on the digital loeb classical library).

Back to the Future again and I know what I was #MeantTo Be, a librarian! Wishing all of those getting their results on 13th August the very best of luck!



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