August 12, 2015, by Dan Flatt

Considerate Constructors in George Green

The paint in the new George Green Library extension has barely had time to dry, but the library has already been winning plaudits for the cooperation between contractors and library staff.

In our most recent meeting with building constructors, Galliford Try, we learnt of the Considerate Constructors certificate awarded to the team on 4 June 2015. The Considerate Constructors Scheme monitors how a construction team takes into account:

  • Care about appearancecertificate
  • Respect for the community
  • Protection of the environment
  • Security of everybody’s safety
  • Valuing the workforce

Each of these criteria is scored out of 10 in two site visits. Our construction team, Galliford Try, scored eight or nine in each criterion in the second visit; securing Excellent or Exceptional in each category. The score was an incredible 44 out of a possible 50. An amazing achievement, I think you will agree!

The assessor declared that the “site continues to produce and maintain excellent standards”. The team will now go to a national awards ceremony in London later this year. Fingers crossed for an award!

Galliford Try were quick to say that the award would not have been possible without the positive and productive relationship between their team and library staff. Congratulations to all of the library staff involved with the George Green build and move!

We appreciate working with such considerate constructors. The new George Green Library is already looking like an impressive landmark on the University Park campus. We are hoping this sets the precedent for many awards for the new library!

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