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August 6, 2015, by Dan Flatt

2009 – The year that Librarians joined Twitter?

Our personal and professional journeys into social media by the newbie Katherine Beers and the veteran Dan Flatt.

Last week, Dan and I attended a networking event that explored librarians’ personal and professional interactions on social media. Drawing inspiration from this, we thought we should share our digital journeys with you, both on personal and professional basis.We work in the LRLR Strategy and Planning team and have a hand in departmental internal and external communications. We form part of the editorial team for Library Matters Blog and Dan manages the @UoNLibraries Twitter account. The similarities start to dwindle there!


Katherine and Dan take a selfie on Snapchat

Katherine, the older newbie and her short story; displaying characteristics typical of a ‘visitor’ ( but challenging herself to become more ‘resident’ in the world of social media!

  1. Friends Reunited – enticed by the opportunity to be nosy about old school friends
  2. Myspace – on a quest to find embarrassing content for people I knew
  3. Facebook – everyone was joining up!
  4. YouTube – the ubiquitous funny cat videos
  5. Twitter- shamed by my 10 year old who had to write a Tweet for homework. Now building up my community inspired by @UoNLibraries. Had so much fun connecting with students through the very successful Libraries’ Tweaster Week ‘find the chick’ campaign.
  6. Blogging- watch out here I come!

Dan, the younger veteran and his much, much longer story:

“I’ve been using social media through most of my formative years. I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t wake up and feel compelled to check my timelines. For some people, I may be considered a ‘resident’, but there are new forms of social media which I haven’t been able to get my head around properly.

  1. Myspace – I was one of those teenagers obsessed with Myspace; always paranoid of dropping out of my best friend’s ‘Top 8’.
  2. Football forums – I have spent many an hour discussing transfers, tactics and rumours in these mini communities. These have even spawned friends in real life (#IRL).
  3. Facebook – I consider Facebook to be a large part of my life. It’s my diary, my photo album and my direct line to old friends
  4. Twitter – I spend much of my life reading Twitter. When somebody asks what newspaper I read, I usually respond with ‘Twitter’.
  5. Whatsapp –Great for keeping in touch. Just make sure you turn off notifications for group chats!
  6. Instagram – This is a social network that I’m probably a ‘visitor’ to (the shame!). I mostly use it for editing photos rather than using a social element.
  7. Snapchat – I’m still not quite sure I understand the point of this social network yet. It’s great for sharing funny pictures that auto destruct after 10 seconds.
  8. Blogging – Before leading on Library Matters, I flirted with blogging when on my year abroad and when doing the 5:2 diet. Thrilling reads I can assure you.”


How many social networks are you on? Do you consider yourself a ‘resident’ of any?


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