July 22, 2015, by Dan Flatt

Colouring books… In the library?

Did you know that you can borrow colouring books to help with anatomy and physiology learning from Greenfield Medical Library?

No, nor did I! This was quite an interesting revelation. I decided to grab some colouring pencils and investigate.

The book in question is Anatomy and Physiology- colouring and workbook (3rd Edition). (Classmark: QS4 WAU)

This isn’t just a gimmick though.

We want to cater for all modes of study and learning in our 21st century university library. Anatomy and Physiology provides a unique way of learning the anatomy. Simply photocopy the page and get your crayons (make sure you do not colour in the actual book!)

For more visual learners like me, the use of colour and memory games are massively beneficial for remembering key facts. I now know where the spleen and appendix are in the body after I coloured them in!

All my own work! By Dan Flatt - Aged 25 and 9 months

All my own work!
By Dan Flatt – Aged 25 and 9 months


I think you will agree that it is great to see we spend library money in a variety of ways.

Would colouring in help you with your studies? Does your course use a similar book? What do you do to remember key facts?

The Anatomy and Physiology- colouring and workbook is available from Greenfield Medical Library. Log in to NUsearch to borrow this book:


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