July 3, 2015, by Kathryn Steenson

Good Things come in Threes

As the proverb states, good things come in threes, and this applies to library blogs too! Alongside the Learning Technologies blog and Library Matters sits the Manuscripts & Special Collections blog.

In one form or other, our blog has been going since 2010. We use it to showcase some of the material we have at King’s Meadow Campus, and with 3.5 million manuscripts and 60,000 rare books in our collections, we’re never short of something to post!

Blog fodder (also known as Manuscripts & Special Collection store)

Blog fodder (also known as Manuscripts & Special Collection store)

If you’ve missed us up until now, here’s a brief run-down of the types of topics you can find on our blog:

  • Curious or quirky material that catches our eye, such as this post on Nottingham’s juvenile delinquents in The Black Sheep.
  • Historic material relating to a topical event or news item, ranging from Scottish Independence in The Morning after the Nay Before to putting A Spotlight on Black History as part of our contributions to the University’s Black History Month events.
  • Selected highlights from the new (to us!) books and documents we’ve acquired, such as new Autumn/Winter Collections in 2014.
  • Documents used in the classes and seminars hosted here as part of our academic teaching support, most recently featuring a surgical procedure one patient suffered in 1790s in The First Cut is the Deepest.
  • Updates about our exhibitions in the Weston Gallery at Lakeside Arts and the accompanying programme of events. Most recently Dr Richard Gaunt (History) asked How does it feel now you’ve won the war? – a post about Waterloo, and not his experiences guest curating the current exhibition Charging Against Napoleon!
  • Researchers, interns and volunteers talking about their work in the Reading Room and the Conservation Lab, like English student Ellen who discovered A Love of Letters.
A Court Roll from the Manor of North Wheatley, dated 1749.

A Court Roll from the Manor of North Wheatley, dated 1749.

Although we have a separate blog, we are very much a part of the library service and you will see some of our posts here on Library Matters. Most of our stock is reference-only, but you can still return books, collect books transferred from other branches and pay library fines here. Our special collections of printed material can be found by searching in the online library catalogue, and the archive material is catalogued separately in the manuscripts online catalogue.

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